Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I got a broken heart for loving you.

There's this guy at work that I kinda have my eyes on, he's really really hot but way out of my league. But the thing is, it feels like we're connecting. Yesterday it looked like he wanted to say more than hello to me, but neither of us knew how to act so it became kinda awkward between us. Both of us went on doing what we were suppose to do and just forgot about it. The funny thing is that a few weeks ago I had this talk with my best friend, about him and the way he looked. I told her that he probably was a bad boy and a big heart-breaker. So I would stay away from him, because I hate having a broken heart.

But the truth is, I am one. I break peoples heart before they will break mine. I let them in, give them hope about us and act like everything is perfect. Which it is, for a while, but when they come too close I run. I crush their hopes and their dreams, I let them down. I break their hearts and leave them on their own to pick up the mess that I've made. So, I would probably break his heart before he even have the chance of making small cracks on mine.

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