Monday, January 17, 2011

Everything seems perfect, everything’s okay and it will all get better now, at least that’s what they say

Memories, you can't live with them yet you can't live without them either. But some of them I'd be more than happy to live without, 'cause some of them causes more pain than they bring joy. Some of them is too painful to even want to remember, so you just shove them aside and pay no attention to them. Until that day, that day when something reminds you of that painful memory you shoved so far back in your head you could, that day when it slaps you so hard in the face that you fall out of balance and falls head over heels on the ground. That moment when you start to remember, it's horrible. The tears are unstoppable, the flashbacks are uncontrollable, and it becomes harder to breathe. But for every minute that goes by, for every time you're remembering the memory it gets easier to get back up on your feet and reboot your head and start over. It gets easier to get back to the present, and shove that memory as far as you once had it.

But it is also times like these you wish you had someone there to hold your hand and pull you close while they whisper softly in your ear that everything is going to be fine, that it won't happen again and if it will - they'll be there to chase the bad memories away.

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